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Boudoir style

I've just written a little piece for the iPaper, out on Friday, about getting a bit of boudoir into your home. Here are some things I couldn't include...

This Rude Vintage Cushion, £45, from Sam Roddick's chic sex shop, Coco de Mer, comes emblazoned with various  smutty words. I like 'Sweet Cheeks' but they get naughtier...

The Naughty Floral Tea Cup and Saucer, £46.50, from Coco de Mer, looks vintage and innocent – but look closely and you'll see otherwise. Love it! Do visit the shop to see alternative saucy messages.

You can buy the newspaper (just 20p, and a terribly good read all-round) to see more sexy homewares and to find out why the story is so relevant this week.

Meanwhile, there were a couple of things, above, I couldn't include in my feature from Coco de Mer (read the text on each piece and you'll see why I shied away from showing them to the paper), and some beautifully naughty buys from Dupenny, below, that there just weren't room for. Couldn't resist sharing them here, though. What do you think?

I love Dupenny's naughty 50s housewives plates, left, from £29 (this one's "Peggy" but you can also choose from "Thelma", "Valerie" and "Dusty". Or have them all, on this gloriously cheeky monochrome wallpaper, right, from £75 for a three-metre panel.

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