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A folksy, Seventies interior

I love the look of this thrift-shop, Seventies-tinged US home, featured on the brilliant Etsy blog.

Bentwood chairs are very much part of that Art Nouveau look revived in the Seventies along with the likes of Aubrey Beardsley and William Morris. And they look great with the bold, black hint-of-stone-cladding partition, don't they?

Totally love the crowded gallery wall, too, and the 1940s naive/folk art horse painting, and the sweet porcelain birds and heavy industrial desk-light.

Get the look: for fabulous but faux wall finishes, I do urge retrophiles and contemporary-heads alike to check out Dreamwall. I have a mini crush on this webshop and dream of emboldening one of my own walls in one of its wares. For vintage nick-nacks online of this ilk, try the OK Corral, run by photographer Holly Joliffe. Reassuringly affordable, and like a flea market minus all the tat no one wants. You can buy Aubrey Beardsley and William Morris prints at the V&A shop.

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