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The Papered Parlour's handmade studio & classes

The Papered Parlour, in Clapham, south London, is a beautiful space that hosts all sorts of cool, creative workshops – and I've been meaning to post up these pictures since I did an inspiring interiors class there, a while back. It's so nice I'd quite like to live in it... don't you think?

I really like the wallpaper. Claire and Louise, the girls who run the place, printed it themselves – and screen-printing, onto lining paper just like this – is just one of the courses they run.

I also love the counter, made of old front doors, left their original colours. Everything in the studio, pretty much, was salvaged, secondhand or upcycled from something else. It's a big part of the PP ethos. More of which you can see in action, below, with vintage tea-cup pin-cushions, using leftover scraps of fabric, utensil jars in the form of old treacle tins (a classic design when you think about it), and wine crates as storage boxes.

The way the light from the 1920s chandlier, below left, scatters across the walls either side looks stunning, don't you think? It's a wallpaper in its own right...

Scour eBay for similar chandeliers (there's a beauty currently going for £7, but you've only got a couple of days left...). Or if you're not an eBayer, Laura Ashley has quite a variety in what they offer: the Misha Ball Pendant, £75 (top, above), is a very contemporary take on the idea but would create equally interesting wall patterns, while the grand multi-tiered Yasmin (top, below), £275 in the sale, takes things to another level (seven, if you count...). 
Above are some snaps from the brilliant class I went to, taught by Cassandra Ellis – quilt- and home-maker extraordinaire. The workshop was called 'Make Your Home a Haven' (did what it said on the tin – and in a a fun, creative and friendly way). It isn't on the upcoming menu at Papered Parlour, but Ellis does run classes from her southeast London home and other venues though, so do check out her website.

As for more on-site Papered Parlour classes, the upcoming screenprinting one is already fully booked, but a special wallpaper one by CUSTHOM, who I posted about a couple of on account of their mind-bendingly brilliant "digitally embroidered" designs. Or if you can't be arsed to craft, the stunning studio is also available to hire for parties...

Read more about craft courses in the UK.


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