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The Other Art Fair

The Other Art Fair is all about introducing the public to young, emerging artists by providing a platform for them to sell their work direct (and before they get signed and famous and out of our price range). 

It happens between 24-27 November at the Bargehouse on London's Southbank.Tickets are £6 and there will be over 1000 pieces of art to buy, with prices starting at £100 (or even lower – as you'll see if you scroll right to the bottom).

Porphyrias Lover, by Tarragon Smith

100 of the country's exciting new artistic talent is taking part, including Tarragon Smith, above, (see more of the work she'll be selling at the show here), and Hester Finch, below, (see more of the work she'll be exhibiting here). 

Afghanistan, by Hester Finch

Also involved are Jasper Joffe and his mate, Harry Pye, who will be punting their wares for under a pound at Joffe and Pye’s 99p Shop, which will be selling, among other things, these exclusive plates, below.

In the artists' own words: "Conran who? All the rage is ‘Jofware’ when it comes to homewares this 2011/2012," they explain. "Get yours at Joffe and Pye’s 99p shop sponsored by Cass Art and put your friends dinnerware to shame." Love it. They will also be creating hundreds of other extraordinarily affordable pieces exclusively for the event ranging from small paintings to hand made objects...

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