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Are wall stickers dead?

"I've just bought some wall stickers," said a good, and stylish, friend the other day. "Do you think I can get away with them?" She has a point: have wall stickers jumped the shark

We both agreed they kind of had – but that hers, which I have yet to see, but which I have had described to me ("birds, discreet, disappear into the wall" was the gist), might just count as an exception. Which is what I thought when I spotted the unusual, photographic stickers, below, currently on sale (which perhaps backs up the shark theory) with a tenner off at Bouf.

Yes, a mere £14.99 will get you your mitts on this rather striking British Squirrel and Fox wall sticker by Binary. You get Mr Fox, above (he measures 54cm x 60cm), and also, his buddy/prey, Mr Squirrel (27cm x 20cm), as seen in the full image below. I quite like them – though I think I'd perhaps go for just the fox. What do you think?

I'm partial to a horse image, too. And though this black stallion, left, is totally OTT (and much more expensive, at £54.95), there's something about it I'm quite drawn to...

However, the gleaming beast from Surface View's National Gallery collection, which I posted about last year, is probably more classy.

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