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Bright cushion covers
for wintry weather

If you're in Britain, you'll know how damn cold it is right now. And if you're further east or north in Europe, or in New York, you'll think we're wusses for even noticing. Either way, in these climes it's nice to have a reminder of what sunshine looks like. And this, I think, is just that...

I love the fabrics used to make cushions and bags at this beautifully bright Etsy store, based in Madrid (but UK p&p is very reasonable). It's called Thegretest. Her charmingly idiosyncratic spelling is down to her name – Grete, a Spanish designer. The 'Happy 2' cushion cover, above, is £23-ish (the original price is in Euros). Delivery to the UK is under £5. A small price to pay for such joy. But don't take my word for it; the 'Red Bubble Happy Cushion', below, priced just £10-ish, tells you just how things are.

The cushions are 16" x16" and come without the filling (for easy postage). Here are some more 'happy' goodies...

Clockwise from top left: one, 'Spring Has Sprung Happy Cushion', £23.08; two, 'Black Leaves Happy Cushion': £12.50; three, 'Snake Handbag': £25.80; four, Dog cushion (there's a cat equivalent, too):£23.08.

Most of all, I love the 'testimonials' Grete has added to her wares. After her lovely item description ("This is a great Happy Cushion for you," it reads on one listing. "It has the power to make any room shine and make people happy. Guaranteed!") proof comes from some fans: "When I put my Happy Cushion in my living-room everyone who comes to visit me seems to be always full of joy. It was magical! Now I don't know how to tell them to leave me alone... :D" says 'Ann'. And 'David' says: "I was a little depressed but when my cushion came to my life I began to sing and smile all of the time..."

And you can't ask for more than that from a cushion, can you?

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