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B&Q's bright new collection

I've looked at these photos loads, and I still can't quite believe all this beautiful stuff is from B&Q. Nice, isn't it?

(Roughly) clockwise from far left: 
Zircon circle scribble applique cushion £7.98
Ceres floor lamp (pole) £49.99
Ceres floor lamp (shade & base) £49.99
Muralis animal skin print eyelet curtain from £26.98
Morganitee suede 3D loop cushion £14.98
Legacy rattan pendant £39.98
Larimar woven cushion £8.98
Eyelet curtains: Zircon circle scribble print and Samphire bright skin printfrom £26.98; Zen eyelet curtain from £14.98
Scilla knitted floor cushion £39.98

I really love the colours of these desk lamps, £29.98 each. The yellow and the teal are colours that feature big in my home, so one of these (at least) may sneak its way in...

What a lot of luscious brights to perk up your January. Shame none of this stuff will be in the shop for a few weeks (its launched in Feb). But not long to wait. meanwhile, it gives to time to decide what to buy (particularly love the pink/gold cushion, bottom left, and the squishy pink floor cushion)...

(again, roughly) clockwise from bottom left:
Pinnule faux silk button cushion 
Agate Square Button Cushion £8.98
Colours Isaac desk lamp £29.98 each
Haymarket shades in various colours £6.98
Colours Zen Floor Cushion £24.98
Petal Floral eyelet curtains from £26.98
Adnate cotton sateen eyelet curtains from £26.98
Russica large flower cushion £19.98
Apomixis mini piped cushion £7.98
Sphene two colour woven cushion (fuschia and Hawaii ) £9.98
Two colour woven tassle throw £19.98


  1. Oh wow... B&Q!!!! Those price tags are unbelievable!
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Great review, do you know when we can buy this collection? i really like the ceres large floor lamp. Do you know what height that is?

    Thank you