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Vintage luggage racks from the London Transport Museum

I've just developed a very passionate crush on some storage hitting the shelves at the beginning of February. These cute, curved metal shelves are, in fact, the luggage racks from London Underground's recently decommissioned 1960s Metropolitan Line trains.  

The strictly limited collection, comes in two sizes: the large ones (101cm x 23cm x cost £250 x 33.5cm) cost £250, and the small ones (45cm x 26cm x 32cm) are £150.

I'd like one of these next to my sofa, which is up against a wall and so has nowhere to put books, the remote control (which, brilliantly, the gentle bucket shape of these things would hide) and a glass of wine.

I'd have another small one by the door to hide just-got-in paraphernalia (keys, pocket chaff, dog lead etc.) and a large one in the kitchen, with pots and pans hanging underneath it.

You can buy them from next month at the London Transport Museum Shop.

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