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Eclectic interior

I spotted this flat on the brilliant Etsy blog, and was drawn to its many and wonderfully odd objects. It takes a bold style to go with this sort of look – and I'm all for bold. What do you think?

I love how the owner has filled the place with colour and flea market finds, and yet managed to retain a clean, airy feel. All about restraint and careful positioning.

Although it looks like the best vintage shop you could hope to stumble into, in fact the reason this place looks so sleek is because the colour palette is pretty limited. Green, cream, orange and wood are the core colours, with restraint on accents such as the turquoise glassware on the shelf. Very clever.

The designer, Abigail Ahern, who I recently interviewed (watch this space) is all about filling homes with "stuff" – and her top tip for keeping things feeling un-claustrophobic and ordered, is to be sure to leave empty space between objects so that they can breathe.

Groupings of three things that work together also look sleek rather than mish-mash; a clean way to add a homely vibe and show off your personality. Right now, as more of us cherish the homes we're in because we can't afford to go out, let alone move, this personalised look is – Gok Wan-ism alert (apologies) – bang on trend.

I do like a mannequin in an interior. And this is a particularly good one, hanging as it does, fully clothed in an elegant outfit. Find a selection of secondhand shop dummies on eBay. The room is helped to feel light with touches such as objects you can see through – the chair at the window, and the glass and wrought iron table. 

You can see more of this chic, quirky great space on the Etsy blog, and also get some recommendations of how to get the look with products on sale on the website. 

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