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Songlines streetmap print

Thank you to my friend Abi for pointing me not only at a gorgeous print, but also to a very good shop and design mecca that I didn't know about. Always a joyous thing to disover.

So at first glance this looks like an urban street map, albeit in a rather nice frame. 

Look more closely, and you will see that the streets have in fact been renamed after various legendary (and some very random) song lyrics. 

There's 'Highway to Hell', 'Itchycoo Park', 'Alphabet Street', 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams'... and, ahem, 'Love House' –from the Sam Fox back catalogue. It comes with an A-Z guide to every song on the map and who sang it. What a great present for an aesthetically led muso. Ideally one that likes singing 1980s Page Three stunnas. 

You can buy one of the limited edition, signed and stamped prints for £100 at We Are Dorothy... but you can also buy it in an unlimited edition format for just £20. How marvellous.

We Are Dorothy is a collective of designers and creative types, and they're up to all sorts of interesting stuff, including some quirky prototypes I really wish they were selling. There are some more, often quite enjoyably dark, things to buy at their shop though. I quite love and hate in equal measure the 'Big Society' print, which gives the twee 'What would the Harpers do?' style of typographic print a run for its money. (It starts 'Cokesnortinmoneylaunderinstreetmuggin...' and you can see the rest here.)

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