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Vintage Pat Albeck tray

Staying on the animal tip (see post below), I couldn't resist sharing this sweet vintage tiger tray, by the textile designer Pat Albeck. 

It would look beautiful mounted on a wall in child's bedroom (you'd need to use these sorts of plate hangers, rather than the hook-around ones). Or in the kitchen. or, of course, you could use it as an actual tray (but you'd have to use a tray very regularly to get the most out of it, I think...). There is just one of them, and it costs £16 (plus p&p) from Winter's Moon, a gorgeous shop that I spend far too long window shopping at.

The design is by Pat Albeck, whose career started in the 1950s and who is still going strong (she has a brilliant website with a photographic history of her work through the decades – some highlights below).

From left to right, Pat Albeck's designs from the fiftiessixties and seventies

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