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Family (and other) treasured photos: a clever idea for display

I went round to my lovely friends Nick and Lulu's for dinner last week. They have a stunning house, and it always takes me about 20 minutes to focus on either of them as I gaze around at beautiful and stylish things they've moved or added since the last visit. And this, below, was what most transfixed me this time...

Very sweetly, it was Nick's anniversary present to Lulu; a grid formation collage of photographs of the family, their friends, their wedding... I think it's a really striking way to display favourite photos (rather than having them languish on your hard drive, or just pick three or four to blow up and print).

Nick spent a long time resizing all the images identically (the overall image is A0 size, 1189 x 841mm, so pretty big) and arranging them, using the design software, Quark. If you don't have digital versions of all the images, you'd need a scanner to get them on screen. Places like Snappy Snaps offer scanning services if you don't have access to a machine yourself. As for the printing, Bonus Prints go up to A1 size, which costs just under £30. For the layout, you could also use Photoshop, InDesign or possibly your computer's basic, in-house photography package. Nick got the whole thing printed on high quality paper, to give it a crisp, sharp finish.

I'd love to hear – and see – any similar projects other people have done. I've gathered up a big wicker basket of photos I love and am thinking of having a go at something similar myself.

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