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Jewellery storage

Today's Insider column is all about ideas for decorative jewellery storage, as inspired by my organised friend Abi who has the best stash of swish jewellery you've ever seen – but was struggling to contain it all in an orderly, yet beautiful and easily accessible fashion. 

If you, too, need a better way to store your stones and sparklers, here are the images that illustrate today's column (with a couple of bonus ones, too). For specific tips, do check out the column.

1. A brilliant way to put knackered old picture frames to good use. Simply paint, suspend string/chain to the back (you'll need a hammer and some of these), and hang; 2. I posted last month about the stylist, Jasmine Orchard's excellent storage tips; 3. Sometimes simple is best: nails, a hammer and a spirit level will give you this clean, serene necklace hanging solution; 4. These old-school scoop storage boxes are meant for kitchens. They'd make excellent, see-what's-inside places to stash bangles and other large jewellery. From £180 at Ella's Kitchen Company; 5. see how to create this jewellery bust at Design Sponge; 6. Hardboard, from your nearest timber yard or DIY shop, covered in felt and leant against a wall is an idiot-proof and sleek way to go. I'd use sturdy black push pins; 7. This pegboard hanger is via Edit My Closet. Just add paint colour of your choice and s-hooks from somewhere like B&Q (I prefer it unframed, as seen in this kitchen context at Design Sponge); 8. Ikea see-through magnetic storage tubs, £4.99 for three (they come with a magnetic wall-board); 9. I posted about this excellent use of a printer's tray last month. Here's where to buy one; 10. Brilliantly creepy 80s mannequin from a selection at the Mannequin Shop

Above: this (from Emily Chalmers' excellent and inspiring book, Modern Vintage Style), I think, is my favourite. It's just so simple: and if you have some nails, a hammer, a spirit level and enough blank wall, its ridiculously simple too.

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