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Alessi's bird lamp

I'm not generally a big fan of Alessi stuff – all those put-upon little plastic people toiling their ways out of jars and propping up books distress me somewhat. As do their hi-end gadgets that I can't imagine ever mustering enough pretension to use (I point you briefly towards the Cork Presenter, for example). 

But yesterday I came across a new lamp the Italian accessories company is selling.
I really like it:

These little birds – well, quite large birds, actually, as they measure 40 x 18 x 23cm – are part of the I Love Animals range designed by Pier Paolo Pitacco to resemble "oversized sparrows". They cost £125 each, are made of fabric stretched over a wire frame, and come in four different colourways, with a plain white cover thrown in with each sale. The colours are maximised further still, as the lamps come fitted with programmable, colour-changing LED bulbs.

There are a couple of other nice lamps in their new Spring/Summer 2012 collection too, part of Alessi's first foray into lighting. What do you think?

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