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Today's favourite
interiors shop... RE

I have a new favourite window shopping haunt. RE is also a real-life shop, based in Corbridge, Northumberland – it's hard to sum up exactly what the owners, Simon and Jenny, specialise in. Here are a few of things I most loved from their shelves...

Vintage jelly mould lights, from £48. Old graters, £8. These come in various sizes and shapes.

There is a lot of cleverly recycled stuff, quite a bit of made locally stuff, and then some totally random stuff. As they put it: "If you need a plaster Virgin Mary and a bottle of the best bubble bath in the world, this is the place".

I originally stumbled across the shop because I was looking for vintage jelly moulds for a friend to make bedside lights from (having been inspired by interiors stylist, Jasmine Orchard's beautiful version). RE, as you can see above, sell ready-assembled ones. And those graters would do a good job too, with a loop of wire fixed to the tops of them.

Plastic squeaky doll, £5. These are a good size to copy Arno with – 24cm high. Refired vintage plates, from £22. Exactly what they say they are: old plates given a new look with a butterfly design overlaid and glazed on.

I'm a fan of a doll for interior accessorising (as you can see here). But these ones, above, are altogether less creepy: but what would you do with them? At the flat of stylish Saltoun Supper Club host, Arno Maasdorp he displayed similar dolls on his black painted staircase to great effect. But a lone doll in a wall niche would also be striking – just look at Antoni & Alison's use of Mr Blobby.


  1. RE is a fab shop, but just so there is no confusion it's in Northumberland, not Northamptonshire.


  2. Shame on me and my southern ways... I shall amend forthwith, and thank you for spotting it! x