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More before and afters

I'm still trawling through my way through a vat of unfiled photographs. I'd forgotten I had so many of my place when I first moved in. So here are some of them – followed by how things look now. This time, the bathroom...



I moved the shower from the left hand end of the bath to the right; it made it feel more spacious as you suddenly didn't have a shower curtain in your face when cleaning your teeth.

I'm obsessed with storage, and so used the gap next to the sink to add a bit in.

The colourful things above the window are packaging from foreign soaps and chemist finds, stuck (empty) to the wall.

 The room is not huge and before I redid it the overwhelming thing was how dark and small it felt: everything was boxed in (as well as being dark or oppressive colours). So I freed things up and opened whatever I could. The sudden sense of space and air was dramatic.

 I tried to find a nice bath panel everywhere. They were all either vile and plastic or super expensive. So I used some of the very nice wood left over from my garden decking. If only it was still that lovely rich colour outside. Time for some wood treatment I think, once the sun returns...

Sadly Pedlars, where I got this fantastic print ('Will Patrons Kindly Refrain' from 1980s public swimming pools) doesn't sell the prints any more. But they do sell tea-towels featuring the same design. I bought one for a friend who put it in a frame. And it looks great.

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  1. I love what you did with your bathroom! Storage is so important in a bathroom, and you only want your prettiest bottles on display. It's not easy but it looks like you've found space to hide the little things :)