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Stylish holiday let in Morocco

Who's going on holiday this year? With the weather so lovely here, it seems a shame to venture abroad, but I'm thinking ahead and considering a trip to the sunshine as our autumn draws in. And as I started looking at some options, I found this gorgeous place in Essaouira, Morocco, a fishing port on the Atlantic side of the country. 

Stylish holiday lets are few and far between; houses tend to be filled with the stuff the owners stash in their garage, or cheap but functional furniture with little design value. And injecting soul into a house that isn't a permanent home must be a challenging thing for any holiday let proprietor. But the people behind this stunning place have got it just right.

I'm not generally a big fan of the Moroccan look – at least not the stereotypical version we get in the UK in restaurants or specialist shops that focus only on fiddly lattice-work metal lanterns or twirly carved wood chairs. So this house is refreshing in the way it mixes up styles and injects a bit of mid-century modernism among more traditionally local style. Particularly love the bright Fifties-style artworks, below left, the vibrant yellow factory lampshades in the kitchen and the  atrium tiles, top image. It all really works, doesn't it?

You can hire this place for between £750 and £1200 per week, depending on the dates (it sleeps 8). And it is for hire through my favourite estate agent The Modern House (if ever there was a website to get lost in a fantasy 'imagine if I lived here...' world, this is it). And – to boot – two minutes down the road, you get this...

Has anyone else stayed in a particularly stylish holiday let, either here or abroad? I'd love to hear about it if so...


  1. What a wonderful place! I went to Essaouira last year and had a fantastic time (although ended up stranded in Marrakech because of the ash cloud!) I wish I had known about this place for a really special stay

  2. It looks wonderful. I've always wanted to go to Essaouira.