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Frank Lloyd Wright – in Lego

Who knew Lego did architectural classics? Yesterday I was sent some information about their soon to be released Big Ben, which was pretty cool. But not as cool as what I discovered when I looked at the link to the full Lego Architectural range

I'm sure I'm not alone in having Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water, built in 1936 over a waterfall in Pennsylvania, high on a list of favourite buildings. Seems the people at Lego felt the same way...


At £74.99, though, it might be one for the big kids to play with.

Also in the range is the stunningly modernist Farnsworth House built in Illinois by Ludwig Mies van de Rohe in 1951. Apparently the lego version is only on sale in the States (but the UK website seems to have it). You can of course visit the real version too, if you are are heading to that part of the States.

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