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A Picasso for under £100? Well, sort of. It makes these beautiful – but not cheap – cushions sound more reasonably priced. The range is new at the Conran Shop and the prices go from £69 to £79.

And you only need to buy one – but what a beautiful thing to own, and one of these squeezable pieces of art would add value to any chair, sofa or bed in a flash of its mid-century colours.

Clockwise from top right: Head of the Woman £79; La Ceinture Jaune £79; Portrait de Dora Maar £79; Hirondelles £69. All the cushions are designed by the 1878-founded Parisian textiles and tapestry company, Jules Pansu. They each measure 45cm x 45cm.

See the full range of Picasso cushions at the Conran Shop.

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