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House envy - and sexy
parquet walls

Today I have fallen in love with a flat in Blackheath, southeast London. Not only is it an Eric Lyons designed building – he of the pioneering 1950s affordable housing design, the Span house (my own place, an 1968 ex-council house, is a shameless copy of said style, which typically features wall to wall windows and a built-in garage). But mainly I have fallen for this place because of its sexy walls...

Parquet walls? What an excellent, excellent idea. I love parquet generally and I'm very partial to a wood-panelled wall (if only I could find the right wall in my place to panel, I'd do it). 

Parquet can be bought reclaimed and beautifully worn in, from places such as McKay Flooring (an excellent shop that also has a strangely compelling blog, odd when it's all about floors but trust me). However, is an expensive option because, walls or floor, fitting it requires a highly skilled expert. But... it looks incredible, doesn't it?

The architect behind this design is Carl Trenfield, who emailed to tell me about the concrete worktops, which he and his joiner poured in situ. Not only did the design include the sink and cleverly sloping drainer, it also – cast your eyes leftwards – includes a built-in herb trough. What a fantastic idea. The green, warm wood and soft grey concrete are also a tonal trio made in heaven.

Anyone out there have a wood-panelled wall to share? I'd love to see it, and I'm still looking for people with quirky kitchen or bathroom splashbacks to talk to.

The Blackheath house is for sale via The Modern House estate agency for £325,000 and has two bedrooms, a study and separate kitchen and living areas. 

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