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Architectural drawings by illustrator, Thibaud Herem

These architectural drawings by Thibaud Herem, a French illustrator based in London, are beautiful in their simplicity and friendly edges. 

And there's a reason for the latter: the drawings are taken from Thibaud's new book, Draw me a House – which, brilliantly, is an architectural colouring book for children. It costs £12.95 (Cicada Books) and is available from Amazon. I know when I was little I'd have loved it (and it could keep me quiet for hours even now). Just look at all the satisfying segments to fill in and shade... a perfect present for the creative and aesthetically appreciative youth in your world.

This isn't the first time Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Falling Water'  has been created for children (and big children). See where else here
 Le Corbusier's Ronchamp (aka Notre Dame du Haut)

Trellick Tower, the famous, listed-status block of flats in west London
London's 'Gherkin' building in the city
'Art Deco cinema'
New York's Chrysler building


You can also buy limited editions of some of his grown-up architectural drawings at £250 from his gallery, East of Mayfair.

Check out his portfolio, too – he's done some really great stuff. I really like this wallpaper he designed for digital media agency, Zone Content (which also happens to be one of the loveliest places to work ever)...

Fantastic, innit?

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