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Interesting ceiling shades (and procrastination)

My parents have just redecorated their front room and my dad asked if I'd help him to find a ceiling lampshade – ideally just like the pink glass, giant saucer-shaped 1930s one they rashly gave away during their last big clear-out please.

I could only – after, admittedly, quite a brief search – come up with very expensive versions or ones for sale online on a pick-up in person basis, in far flung parts of the country. I shall resume the search afresh... meanwhile, I got a little distracted searching for other, interesting, ways to adorn the pendant light in one's life. Brilliantly, not one of them would even be a potential alternative for the parents. But that's procrastination for you...

This makes me want to live in a Scandinavian forest cabin. It costs £30 and will soon be in stock at Habitat

I featured these a while back in a post about a light made from old jam jars. You can read about the company in the UK that reckons it can make jam jar lights for you – or make your own. The construction is simpler than it first looks as the glasses just hang around a central lightbulb. This one is no longer for sale, but there are similar ones at Boots n Gus, the Etsy shop that makes them with prices for this sort of thing starting around £80.

This embroidered blue tit shade is simply very sweet. It's by Dear Emma Designs and on sale at Folly and Glee for £42.

Lampshade porn for me, these 'Hex' and 'Bridget' walnut shades designed by Sarah Newman. The sharp brights against the shiny walnut grain backdrop makes for a stunner. Available from Heals for £150. Way beyond my current price range for lampshades, but too beautiful not to include.

I do like a recycled tin can. Around £63 from Klickity this design is simple but clever, as the inside surface lets the lightbulb cast a particularly lovely glow.

Designed by KaiGami, this clever propylane lamp drape is beautifully simple in concept, and would create lovely shadows when illuminated. Buy it for £35 from Bouf.

If I had a budget to blow, I'd blow it on these, for sale at Rockett St George for £275. I have wondered how hard it'd be to replicate the idea – approximately – via eBay, the electrical store and a bit of ingenuity. One day perhaps I'll give it a go...


  1. Hi,
    I have been searching for the blue lampshade you first pictured, but to my bitter dissapointment i cant find it anywhere, do you know anywhere i may be able to purchase it? I believe habitat are no longer making it!!

    1. Hi Kitty - oh how annoying of Habitat! But it's odd, because on their website they appear to have it still - it just let me put it in a basket - try again - this is the link I just used: I know that in-store and on-line stock is often different with them.
      But if not, I don't know where you can find that exact one but I did find a similar wooden pendant, to which you could add your own shade:,0/o/2/r/100&cm_mmc=awin-_-78888-_-SubNetworks-_-0_0&aff=awi in the right colour I guess.
      Maybe one of the Liberty ones here would be similar enough in style: or try Quincy Lampshades or Swee Mei

    2. I think that link is just for the wooden bit. This wallpaper is similar(ish) and could be made into a shade. Miranda at Swee Mei x

  2. Hi Kitty, have you seen the latest sale on lampshades in habitat? or try they make bespoke lampshades using your own fabric so ideal if you're looking for something a little unique.