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Urban art by Trevor Burgess

I was born and brought up in the city, and hold London close to my heart. But often, when capturing the place in art, there's an urge to edit out the ordinary, the not architecturally fashionable, the un-shabby chic (the just a bit shabby). 

It's as if Londoners want a shinier, swankier, more designer version of their city reflected back at them. Which is exactly what I love about the work of artist, Trevor Burgess, which doesn't celebrate obviously beautiful buildings and scenes, but instead highlights the beauty in ordinary, everyday living.

A Place to Live 13

A Place to Live 8

A Place to Live 19

A Place to Live 4

About Trevor Burgess: Recent regional prize winner of the The Discerning Eye, most of Trevor's work is about the ordinary business of living. Trevor is interested in a painting that explores relationships, people, contemporary urban spaces.

Catch Trevor's work in person at an upcoming contemporary art and design show in, haha, south London (and – of course – in the rather chichi Herne Hill) over the weekend of 12/13 May. You can also see what's on show at the website of hosts, Cavaliero Finn as well as getting full details of where the event takes place here.

It's a departure from my usual, more affordable picks (average price of the paintings above is £650), but I just love these paintings and wanted to share them. And looking at pictures is free. It is only buying them that costs...

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