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Dominic Clifford's urban prints

As a born and bred Londoner, I love the rough and the smooth of the urban landscape I grew up in, and in which I still live. It's a different kind of beauty to a leafy vista of lake, tree and mountain – of course, but urban foxes, grimy pigeons and brutalist architecture fringed with trees have their charm too.  

I think so, anyway. So I'm always happy to find new, good artwork that depicts the lived-in, battered-about loveliness of a city, rather than anything santised and airbrushed (yes, Olympics organisers, ahem). Which is what drew me to this new trio of city prints by illustrator Dominic Clifford, from the Keep Calm Gallery (and scroll down to discover more artists of this ilk).

The prints feature a scene each from London (above) Paris (below) and New York (bottom), and instead of, say, featuring the London Eye, Empire State building and the Eiffel Tower, the artwork picks out an everyday piece of architecture and reproduces it – graffiti and grimy pigeons and all. The graffiti is apparently copied faithfully from examples in each city.

There are only a few of the limited edition prints left, so hurry if you'd like one. They cost £50 each, unframed, and measure 40cm x 50cm (so they'll fit in a standard-size, shop-bought frame).

New York


See more of Dominic's distinctive artwork on his website, and if you like it – you might also like the work of these other urban-loving artists Trevor Burgess and Clare Scully.

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