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Nice presents

My big brother has arrived to stay from Australia, bearing stylish gifts. In return, I have tried to be a good host. First, the presents...

Patrick, my brother, runs FX, a rather classy picture framing business in Sydney. So I am lucky enough to often get beautifully framed presents – and this one, featuring contact sheets of images of me and our mum when I was little, was so thoughtful and looks really beautiful. It's such a simple idea and I like how the sheet has been chopped into and cut out a bit wonkily, just as it was when found in my brother's box of old photos. A great present.

The other thing he brought was this incredible cookbook, created as a fundraiser for my nephew's primary school. 

You wouldn't believe it, would you? It's beautifully designed and styled, and the recipes – reflecting Sydney's foodie mix – features lots of interesting fusion dishes (I'm intrigued by the idea of "breakfast cous cous"). Turns out the parents are all quite a talented, stylish bunch. Apparently it has become one of Australia's top ten cookbooks. Not bad for a book of recipes compiled by parents (including my sister-in-law's mum's rich vanilla ice-cream recipe on page 94).

Read more about Crown Street Cooks here.

Tomorrow, I shall expand on hosting...

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