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Down Pipe or Elephant's
Breath, darling?

Ha ha. For anyone else who's ever spent a middle-class weekend deliberating over the darker side of the Farrow & Ball colour chart...'s an alternative take on the ubiquitous book from My Builder.


Incidentally, if you are in Bristol next week (Tuesday 17 July), Farrow & Ball are hosting a talk by their colour consultant, Joa Studhome. Find out more at the Farrow & Ball website. Alternatively, if you haven't seen it before, watch Joa's talk – illustrated by her own (gorgeous) home in this YouTube clip. The hall is especially lovely, I think. (Just don't be intimidated by her admission that she repaints her painted-on bed headboard EVERY MONTH.)


  1. Saw Joa speak in Notts recently and she was very inspiring. Never really been interested in F&B paint but was converted by Joa's passion! There's a post on my blog; love the colour names too ;)

  2. Good to know Jen - shall check out. Thanks for sharing