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Steal like an artist

I like anything decorative or beautiful that also inspires. I think it's so important when you're working to be in an uplifting environment – and being able to get good work done, rather than languishing at your desk all day achieving nothing (not even some productive procrastination, which I am a big fan of too) is a life-enhancing status quo.

I've already written about my beloved Kenneth Williams print, which motivates me to 'Stop Messing About', and now this print, below, by the writer, Austin Kleon, who created it after he was asked repeatedly to do so after giving a college talk based around the handwritten list it depicts.

Small sizes are sold out, but some 20" x 16"s remain, $240.

Kleon is author of the best-selling accompanying book, 'Steal Like An Artist', a guide to creativity in the digital age (see below). 

Either would be a great present for anyone in your life with a creative block or a dream they need inspiring to realise.

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