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Gardens: make a moss
wall hanging

How hard can it be to kill moss? This is one the sorts of indestructible sorts of plants that I need more of in my life (OK, I'm cheating - it's a special kind of preserved moss).

I love this idea from the inspiring new book about house plants from Isabelle 'Balcony Gardener' Palmer. And any gardening project that involves gluing the plants in place sounds like my kind of project.

The book also features a few outdoor projects and here's one: how to create your own moss wall hanging. Over to Isabelle...

"This is a simple project to set up and uses a rectangular piece of hardboard. I painted the hardboard white, but you can use any colour you wish and perhaps take inspiration from the surrounding garden plants. I used eggshell paint, but gloss paint would be better because the display will be exposed to the elements outdoors.

"Take some reindeer moss - I have used three different shades of green here. you could even spray paint some of the pieces of moss with different colours to create a more interesting scene. Use a hot glue gun to fix the moss to the hardboard. There is no right or wrong way to position the moss and, in fact, using different colours will mean you can be quite messy in your approach. This moss picture adds a lush feeling to the plain brick wall and brightens up a dark day."

Thanks Isabelle!

The book is full of other unintimidating ideas for brightening up your home with plants. And if you've always wanted to make a terrarium, definitely check it out as there are dozens of different ideas for how to make your own.

There are also ideas for hanging plants, growing air plants (which don't need soil – I never knew there was such a thing), nurturing indoor flowers and heaps of practical tips for keeping your plants looking good... and alive. Nice book.

The House Gardener by Isabelle Palmer is published by CICO Books and is available from

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