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Hinge sprucing #cheaphometricks

We've just redecorated the bathroom, and you can see from the cracked paint below how badly it was in need – but that's a story for another day. 

Because today I just want to focus on one tiny change we made to the room that cost just a few quid, a bit of effort and – in my opinion – has given our bathroom door a bit of a new, design-y lease of life (plus it's a more positive DIY story than last week's grout reviving disaster...).

In pretty much every place I've lived, the door hinges have looked like this. When it comes to redecorating, the choice is: spend an hour or so hacking away at years and layers of paint to clean the things up... to reveal a not very exciting grey, scratched hinge.

Or – and I'm guilty of this one – add another layer to that paint and hope it helps the hinge to blend into the background. (Never, of course, daring to think of the day you might need to get to the screws through a centimetre of dried satinwood...)

So credit to my boyfriend for coming up with a better solution: to replace all the door hinges in the house with brand new brass ones. It's a tiny detail but one with a potentially big impact. So, since we were painting it anyway, we started with the bathroom door. What do you think?

I think they look dramatically good, for hinges.

A bag of three butt hinge brass door hinges cost us £10.98 from B&Q, so it doesn't cost much for this pretty noticeable revamp, depending on how many doors you have of course (and it's the kind of job you might want to space out anyway – changing doors can be heavy and fiddly, and if you don't know how, you should definitely check out this excellent series of YouTube videos by Tommy the builder. They're my new favourite way to relax...).

But back to our hinges. Here's how the new ones look in comparison to those on the adjacent bedroom door...

Simple and inexpensive but brilliantly effective, I think. Love to know what you think – and also if you have any clever or simple #cheaphometricks, do share!

Post by Kate

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