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Thursday question: the "Jackson Pollock" oven – would you?

This oven has come to my attention and I thought you'd like to see it. 

I've written recently about some other jazzily coloured kitchen appliances and lots of you were enthusiastic about the idea.

I, on the other hand, am too wary of my fickle and faddy nature and have resolutely stuck to boring old white. But this is something else: could you have one like it in your kitchen? And what sort of kitchen would you need to make it work?

The range cooker is currently a one-off and is being exhibited at Grand Designs Live this month.

It is to promote the Brittania's Colourange collection, which allows you to match your oven colour to the exact shade of, say, your favourite top (is this ever a thing people do?) or the tiles in your kitchen splashback.

And in a surprising move, the news of this splashy cooker comes with another announcement: that the company is cutting the price of these ovens by half to, they say "make this one-of-a-kind service available to a wider audience"... Quite a discount. Though when they previously started at £5,000 you're still looking at some serious outlay. Still, if they make the splashy design available too, it's a snip when you consider an original Pollock went for $151 million in 2006, one of the world's most expensive paintings ever sold.

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