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Introducing... Pen & Gravy

At the weekend I walked through my local market, to-do list in pocket and not intending to stop – but then I got drawn into a little stall selling the most beautiful, colourful graphic patterned plates – and also striking hand-drawn fabric lampshades with the same repetitive designs. 

Turns out the seller, also the designer and maker, is Jamie – aka Pen & Gravy (pictured at his stall, below) – and, in his own words, he "draws on lampshades and plates", as well as selling screen-printed versions of his designs as wall art.

The patterns remind me a little of the West African wax prints I'm often found banging on about enthusiastically here, or those geometric colouring books you used to be able to get – anyone remember what those were called?* Many a rainy childhood Sunday was eased with one of those and some felt-tips.

Visit the Pen & Gravy blog to see more of Jamie's work, and you can buy some of it via his Etsy shop, though, as Jamie warned me on Saturday, there isn't much stock online. Best thing is if you like any of the things in the pictures on his blog, just email him and he'll either dig one out or knock you one up bespoke styles. Plates start at £20 and A3 prints start at £10. 

* A helpful reader knows exactly the ones - see comments section to find out if you're interested


  1. Geometric colouring books - do you mean Altair Designs? There's a Wikipedia entry on Roger Burrows, who was responsible for them (their origins are quite interesting) and there are versions still available on Amazon, plus you can complete the patterns online at - not quite as satisfying as felt pen, but you can get much neater results than I was ever able to as a child...

    1. Yes! Those are the ones - never knew that's what they were called. Excellent - thank you so much. I shall amend post to point people to your comment. Brilliant!

  2. Can I ask where your local market is? I love his lampshades.

  3. Hi there - it's Brixton. But I don't know if he will be there every week or if that is anywhere near you. He did say that he's very happy for people to drop him a line to buy stuff as he is aware his Etsy shop needs some attention but he has lots of stock ready to sell and also does stuff to order if you want particular colours etc. Happy shopping!