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East London Furniture exhibition

If you are in London a week too late for the Design Festival (it's just finished), and you don't mind a bit of hipster, you might enjoy combining a coffee or a cocktail with the East London Furniture exhibition at the oh-so-east-London bar, DreamBagsJaguarShoes.

The installation, which launched in time for the Design Festival, remains in situ until November. East London Furniture have re-fitted out JaguarShoesthey entirely, using only recycled materials, found objects or waste.

The exhibition will also feature new illustrations from graphic designer, Alessandro Mistrulli, who designs their hand-drawn wrapping paper (£3.50 a sheet). It comes in owl, moustache or dinosaur and is printed on textured paper. It is nice.

I really like that they photograph every piece of found wood that gets turned into something new; the idea is that every piece of furniture sold has a record of its back-story – so you get to track where each bit of it was found and what it used to be. There will be an auction at the end of the exhibition in November.

Failing that, you could always just look at their online shop. They have NICE stuff. It's not cheap, but it's free to look...

I think the milk stool made from a single pallet (top right) is beautiful. The coffee table, £180 (bottom left) is reclaimed plywood and the feet are coated in industrial rubber, and I just love the large cube floor-light, £220 (top left). The wrapping paper (bottom right) is the stuff mentioned above. I'd love it more if I could knock these things up myself. Maybe I should invest, instead, in one of the Furniture Magpies short courses at West Dean College in Chichester.

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