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Tile wallpaper from
Rockett St George

What a great idea: wallpaper that looks like lovely old ceramic tiles. I could have done with some of this when I was exploring possibilities for interesting kitchen or bathroom splashbacks a few months ago.

These designs come from Rockett St George, designed by Louise Body and is durable, non woven and coated – so as to work better in spaces that get a bit of battering and the odd bit of spray. Also, brilliantly, the designs are sold by the metre, making them excellent value for small spaces.

Louise Body Buttercup Blue tile wallpaper, £20 per metre (width, 70cm). Each tile measures 17.5 x 17.5cm.

Left: Louise Body Grapevile tile wallpaper; right: Louise Body Dahlia tile wallpaper. Size and pricing for both designs as above.

Louise Body has several more tile designs and colours in her wallpaper collection, as well as other patterns and some unusual, colourful and beautiful fabrics.

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