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Make your own Victorian engraving, mash-up style with Kristjana S Williams

London Design Festival looms large – it opens this Friday, with a zillion aesthetically interesting events filling the capital's nooks and crannies. There are the five key – official – locations, which you can check out here, if you're interested, but what I always love most are the side events – the quirky shows, practical sessions and social gatherings in interesting and beautiful shops.

Such as the make-your-own-Victorian-botanical-mash-up event, on Saturday, hosted by Icelandic artist Kristjana S Williams, whose intricate, colourful work – appearing at her exhibition Anachroquarianism, hosted by the excellent Outline Editions, and inspired by Victorian engravings – you can see below...

Andy Audubon, £215 (841mm x 590mm)

Barraband Parrot, £110 (420mm x 297mm). Also available in a larger size.

Fjoluraut Pall, £110 (420mm x 420mm). Also available in a larger size.
Aren't they beautiful? Her show's official title is 'Kristjana S Williams Vs The Victorian Engravers' and Kristjana's 'mash-ups' of the old and the new have already been shown at the V&A and Somerset House. One to watch.

And this new show – which runs from this Friday to 22 September – also takes place at a rather special venue, Shapero Rare Books, in Mayfair which, alongside rare books, also has a substantial, original collection of natural history prints from naturalists and illustrators including John Gould, Joseph Wolf, Jacques Barraband and Edward Lear.

Kristina's prints will be available to buy, from £85 upwards, alongside the original Victorian works in Shapero's collection.

But you also have the chance to create your own illustration and collage based on the originals – in a free workshop that Kristjana is hosting during the exhibition. It happens at the book shop, this Saturday, 15 September, between 2pm and 4pm. Reserve your free place by emailing

Raudbedur, £145 (594mm x 420mm). Also available in a larger size.

Rosaur Hjartur Tre, £215 (841mm x 590mm)

This, below,  is one of the originals, also on sale direct from Shapero Rare Books from £100 upwards. This beauty, however, L'Aracari Koulik male de la Guyane. No 13 by Jacques Barraband, costs signficantly more...

14 – 22 September 2012 at Shapero Rare Books, 32 St. George Street, London, W1S 2EA. Tel: 020 8451 3400. Mon – Fri 09.30 – 6.30 pm; Sats 11 – 5 pm. Free entry.

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