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Wild horses

A friend emailed me this week with a link to this cushion, saying "saw this and thought of you". She knows me so well; I'd almost bought it a few weeks earlier, while loitering in the H&M homeware department (which is full of many other good things too, this season).

I think I really need a horse cushion in my life. Especially as I'm broke at the moment and this is only £7.99. Find it on the H&M website.

It's not, after all, the first time I've hankered after a bit of horsey homeware. A while back, there was also this...

...and, below, this, available from Surface View (and by the way, the wall got filled with something entirely different in the end, and gained a life-size fox, which I don't think anyone but me likes).

And I love this large, recycled wooden horse, from Folklore, £48, below.

But this old metal toy horse already lives with me. I love him.

And, nothing to do with interiors or, even, horses really, but my equine obsession has also got me hooked on the horse_ebooks spambot. This Gawker piece introduced it to me. If you like surreal Twitter feeds, check it out.

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