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My lovely (fantasy) loft flat

Lately, looking around glumly at all the jobs that STILL aren't finished in my house, I've been fantasising about shelving the whole project and renting the place out – to rent somewhere that someone else has finished, somewhere smaller and more manageable, and a place where I don't need to take responsibility for the likes of leaking roofs.

This fantasy life, this morning, led me to this amazing loft apartment near Borough Market in southeast London. I've always been a bit creeped out by the idea of living in a converted school – even though  schools are nothing like graveyards, I've illogically imagined the ghostly laughter of the infants' playground echoing through my dreams. Or something. And also, we need more schools – it seems morally dubious to turn the ones we do have into flats. But. I'm never really going to move to this one, so my fears are confined to fantasy...



The one-bed, two-storey place – styled and furnished by Zanna – is, sigh, £2924 pcm. See more images and full details of this flat and other wonderful rental properties, over at The Modern House.


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