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Postcards from a painter

I came across the artist Oliver Dorman, and his unusual and excellent project, earlier this week – thanks to the creative agency, Margaret London who were talking about him enthusiastically.

With ‘Postcards from a Painter’ Dorman is inviting anyone, from anywhere in the world, to send (or even just describe) a postcard-sized picture – of anything – to him, and he will transform it into a painting on a postcard-sized canvas. 

It is the build-up to his exhibition of the same name, where all the postcards will be shown – after which the people who sent in the images for each of them can take theirs home. Prices to have Dorman do you one of his tiny, bespoke paintings start at £10, rising as the project progresses. 

Below (and above) are some of the ones he's already done...

You can watch a video about the project on his website, and for details of where to send your image.

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