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The 'Take This Waltz' house

I went to see Take This Waltz last weekend, the Sarah Polley-directed film starring Michelle Williams and Seth Rogan as a happily married couple with infidelity lurking in the wings.

It was a beautiful film. And a big part of the joy, for me – apart from shedding a couple of tears at the whole flawed human-ness of the story – was the look of the film, particularly the colours and the set design for the home that Williams and Rogan's characters live in. 

These images are from Artdepartmental, where you can read an interview with the film's production designer, Matthew Davies. I love how the warm, sludgy browns and greens are spiked with flashes of yellows and reds, and how the place is filled with so much stuff.

I'm on a constant (futile) mission to lessen my hoarding loot but seeing this made me feel OK-er about the lack of discipline. I loved the slight tattiness, too, and the old lace at the kitchen window, and the entire wall crammed with framed photographs. It really reflected the warmth of the homelife that happened in the house, and somehow made the whole predicament Williams' character, Margot, all the more painful – but I'll stop there in case you are planning to see it.

Here's the trailer:


  1. I totally agree! I love it! I love the colors! I'm watching the movie now and I just had to find some pictures to remember it by or to see where this cute house is....unfortunately not the movie or the plot...

    1. I loved every outfit Michelle Williams got to wear too. Sigh. House is easier to copy...!

  2. I just saw this movie and I am in love! It is exactly how I want my house and neighborhood to look.