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Fantastic fluoro

The new Pedlars catalogue arrived through my letterbox last week. I looked through it and sighed at all the lovely things I can't justify buying.

But I was also dazzled by the new season styling it featured – to go with the new-in fluoro-coloured wares, Pedlars have got out the fluoro paint. And it looks fantastic (and is a good example of how it is bright colours, not white, that can bring a dark space to life).

I love these vibrant hippie posters, above, which start at £105, signed and unframed. They are originals by the 1960s Californian artist, Lucia Pearce, now Lucia Cappachione, now an art therapist. Back then, she was a Montessori teacher, and apparently came up with these designs to boost her the spirits of the children she taught. She also, used to hang out in Charles and Ray Eames' first studio (a place you can read more about here).

Don't neon green and black look spectacular together? If I didn't know that the Gladstones, the couple behind Pedlars, were so damn nice, it'd be easy to find their effortless knack for style really annoying (they have six children, quite a lot of animals and several other businesses going on, too – they really shouldn't have the time to be so stylish).

But they are very nice indeed, damn them, and I know this from working with them over many months on our lovely new book about the great outdoors – what do you mean you haven't seen it? Here it is!

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