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Rug love

You may remember I had an issue with a rug earlier this summer. It was in my friend's flat in Berlin that I helped him do up. I've had some grief for posting about it but, hey, it's already done so in case you didn't see the Ikea monochrome rug saga, here's a little recap.

It got me tuned into rugs. They are expensive and often a bit hard to visualise in a space – making them quite stress-inducing to buy. So I was really impressed by the Plantation Rug Company's approach: don't just show us the rugs, show us some rooms. It really works, I am really inspired and now want to go out and buy rugs for every room in my house. They are very well priced, too...

Freddie (also comes in red, taupe, black and gold) 100% wool, from £100 for 120cm x 170cm
It is brilliant to see strong patterns and colours like the ones above and below in situ. Sometimes you really need furniture to be able to imagine it in your own context...

Leaf, 100% wool, from £150 for 120cm x 170cm

Shetland, 100% wool, from £150 for 70cm x 140cm
...or unexpected contrasts to spark a new idea for a room...

Lily, 100% wool, from £225 for 120cm x 170cm
I love the combination of this bright, granny crochet pattern with the clean white table and wooden sideboard. The dark floors really work to let its vibrant colours do their thing unimpeded, too.

Nomadic, 100% wool, from £225 for 120cm x 180cm (or £150 for the 120cm circular version)
...and I love how the skilled styling has made me look at rugs I might not otherwise consider as designs I could incorporate into my own rooms. I'd have walked straight past this one, I reckon. But it's actually quite good.

Ooh, and a gold star for anyone who spots the renowned designer whose house is used in one of these shots.

By the way, I have now got lots of before and after pictures of the Berlin flat to post up. They are coming soon.

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