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Faux taxidermy

I LOVE this idea. The White Faux Taxidermy company makes and sells these stunning, very detailed resin replicas of some of nature's biggest, most beautiful beasts – but none were hunted in the process...

... which is kind of obvious when you look at the beautiful colours they come in: from clean, and all-white, to clean and all-white with a flash of colour (see below), or neon brights. I just think these are wonderful and would look spectacular on a fresh, white wall in need of a centrepiece.

Ed the Oleg, £76.31

MEASUREMENTS: 21.75" tall X 24.5" wide X 7.75" deep

The Barnes, £41.33

MEASUREMENTS: 14.5" tall X 13" wide X 3" deep

The Kersey, £95.38
MEASUREMENTS: 17.75" tall X 8.5" wide X 9.75" deep

The Phillipa, £82.65
MEASUREMENTS: 21.75" tall X 24.5" wide X 7.75" deep

They even make people...

The Fitz, £19.99
MEASUREMENTS: 6.5" tall X 6.25" wide X 8.85" deep

Postage is pretty hefty if you are outside the US, even though the pieces are cast in a polyresin material and, therefore, fairly light. But if you can't stretch to shipping one your way, they are still a joy to behold. And they do mini heads, too.

Check out the White Faux Taxidermy website, for the full range – which includes elephants, wolves, bears and alligators. Or buy via their Etsy website. They are happy to customise any of the pieces to the colour of your choice – just tell them how you'd like yours to look.

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  1. Hello there! Thought you may be interested in this as we've also covered taxidermy animals in our latest issue: I love the way these animals are decorated, they give a lovely 'natural history' feel without being too macabre. I especially like the gold skull! Thanks for the post! x