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New York, New York: Famille Summerbelle's new
Manhattan wallpaper

Like many Brits who've been, I have a soft spot for New York. I spent three months living there a few years ago; a bit of a rushed escape from the mess of London life at the time. The city straightened me out sharpish, for which I shall always feel grateful. So any good-looking NYC interiors mementoes are always welcome in my house...

Maybe yours too. In which case you might like this...

Morning in Manhattan (Blue)

This new 'Manhattan Morning' wallpaper comes from the sweet online Anglo-French shop, Famille Summerbelle. The rolls come in 'Sky Blue and Hudson River' and 'Yellow Taxi Cab and Silver'; they measure 10.05cm x 52cm (repeat 61cm) and are designed – as with all the Famille Summerbelle prints – by one half of the founding duo, Julie Marabelle (the other half is her husband, Simon Summerscales). Each roll costs £45.

It reminds me of the excellent Toile design, based on the real (and very gritty) London, by Timorous Beasties... they now also do versions of this well-known print based on other cities (it comes in fabric and on cushions and lampshades, too), including Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as New York (below). Somewhat pricier, mind: this is £240 per roll. It is a work of art, though. (And, unrelated to NYC, but in the same Toile range I love the pigeon print.)

One of my other favourite NYC home accessories, is this Cavallini Manhattan map wrapping paper sheet, £3.75 from The Paperie. You can see it in situ (last image) in my office makeover post, or below.

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  1. Love all the Famille Summerbelle range but especially the colour combinations of their wallpapers.