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(Rent) the Welsh 'Falling Water'

Currently plotting a cottage getaway in Wales... which has involved dodging tacky leather sofas (why are holiday cottage owners obsessed with these beasts?). So next time I reckon it's worth gathering some extra troops to justify renting this place, buried deep amid the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons. 

It is the holiday cottage of my dreams. Except that, of course, it's nothing like a cottage. But. You know what I mean... It looks like Frank Lloyd Wright's 'Falling Water', and Ty Hedfan, the name of the building, which means 'the hovering house') was designed by the architects Featherstone Young, to cantilever over the River Ysgir. It has three bedrooms, sleeps eight, and there's a cosy log fire and three en-suites. This time of year it costs £950 a week to rent (under £120pp if you have a full house!): who's free to make up numbers?

Find out more at The Modern House estate and lettings agency.

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  1. You are so right about it looking like "Falling Water". It's an amazing design