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Brixton East

So. I went to a little party at Brixton East, a shop round the corner from my house last night. I've posted about the place before, here, and since then the building – an amazing 1871 former furniture warehouse over two-and-a-bit floors has undergone extensive restoration and decoration. 

When it's not dark, I must pop back and take some snaps of the incredible upstairs gallery area (these are the 'bit' floors in the vast vaulted wooden ceiling). There is a particularly marvellous wooden panelled section that I could look at for hours. For now, here's the downstairs and the wares on sale. Very nice. It is owned by a chap called Andy Luckett who has nursed the wonderful building back to life, and who used to be Cath Kidston's buyer of second hand things – and he has a great eye for unusual bits and pieces. As you can see...

Brixton East's owner, Andy Luckett, outside the shop

I love an old-school record player

The shop is only open in this format until Christmas Eve, and only at weekends (see the flyer, below). The rest of the time (so far, at least) it has been an art gallery, so it will perhaps revert to that for a while, as well as hosting other temporary shops, productions and events. And hopefully there will be a very good sale to clear the remaining stock...!

I shall pop back with my camera anon.

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