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T-shirt lampshades
from Belle & Videre

I love this unusual approach to lampshade design: the T-light, from new company on the block, Belle & Videre: they'll take a beloved old t-shirt and turn it into a beautifully made lampshade for you.

You can see some examples of shades already made, below. It's such an unusual idea, I think they look great. They are not cheap: £250 but maybe that's an investment if you have a very special old t-shirt  to preserve, or someone close with a big birthday coming up and a beloved Bruce Springsteen t-shirt lurking at the bottom of their cupboard. For something no one else would have, that's totally personalised and tells a good story, well, maybe a luxury purchase is OK. ( But Belle & Videre also sell other beautiful lampshades, with ready-made designs starting at £55.)

Which t-shirt would you turn into a lampshade? I think of the ones above, I like the bottom one the most (I don't know if it is a band t-shirt or something else – anyone recognise it?). I think graphic designs would generally look good... So if I was lampshading up a t-shirt, I'd wish I still had my amazing World of Twist t-shirt, where the design was made to look like a packet of Consulate menthol cigarettes (anyone remember those – I couldn't find a picture anywhere online?). Or another graphic design, The Sugarcubes' Life's Too Good logo, would be great. Or, going for evocative images from classic albums, maybe St Etienne's Foxbase Alpha or The Smiths' The Queen is Dead... but I should stop: I'm showing my age now.

And, finally, for any ageing newly-weds with a shoe-gazing past, I also think the t-shirt below – lampshaded-up – would make a totally excellent gift... no?

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