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MERRY CHRISTMAS! (and some festive wallpaper)

This time last year, I was just about ruin two weeks away from work – by embarking on two weeks doing hardcore DIY (it's great, it's just greater when it's over).

I nearly conquered the painting of my stairs and did a rush job on my home office. But this Christmas, I shall be doing NO decorating at all.

'Winter Sports' wallpaper
Wearing a boiler suit (yes?) and a hangover on New Year's Day was probably better in 1988, at a New Year's Eve rave that's just getting going. However, I do often dream of finishing all the DIY that sometimes winks seductively at me when I'm home alone, and that is what I started doing when I spotted these excellently festive wallpapers from Dupenny (£75 for a three-metre panel, or £198 for a 10-metre roll).

Meanwhile, merry festivities all – I'm signing off until 7th January. I shall hard not to decorate anything.

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