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Run DMC Christmas tree

A couple of years ago I had a festive makeover done on my house for a feature I wrote about Christmas decorating in the Independent. 

It was sparked by a service offered by John Lewis that I was testing out. They did a great job (though my house did look a little like a JL catalogue) and it was all terribly stylish. This year, I realised that grown-up Christmas decorating isn't really me. And so went as far the other way as I could – at least on my tree topper....

...which is my trio of Run DMC figurines.

I posted the photo above on Twitter and got asked where they were from. A friend gave them to me years ago, and so I had no idea. Finally I tracked down some that are almost exactly the same in a UK online shop, where you can buy them for around £12.99 each.

There are three series of these figurines out there...

The ones in series one (above)  are limited edition (only 300 were made) and go for hundreds of pounds, especially after the death of Jam Master Jay.

Mine (above) are the easier to get series three, and totally affordable. I found an interesting feature that gives a bit more info about the figures here, in case you are interested. Here they are (above) in their usual home, on my bookshelves.

What's on top of your Christmas tree?

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