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Hot off the press: two new MONUmini models

It was just yesterday that I wrote about the excellent miniature Scottish tenement building models that you can make yourself. And by chance, today, into my inbox popped a newsletter from MONUmini design collaborators, Another Studio – announcing two brand new architectural models.

Berlin's Brandeburg Gate and the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris are they, and as the website also depicts the lovely packaging, I thought I'd do a quick post to share.

As the makers explain: "The kit includes a sheet of etched stainless steel pieces which fold and lock together to create the miniature structure. Each kit also includes step-by-step assembly instructions and a short building history which is all packed into an attractive envelope making them a great little (easy-to-post!) souvenir." Nice. They are £15.50 each, from Another Studio.

I also hadn't seen their super-cute Matchcarden range, above, which features tiny buildings illustrated on matchboxes. You pull out the matchbox drawer and slot the two bits of box together to create a front garden that, thanks to the enclosed seeds, sprouts cress.

These are just £3.95 each (or £11.85 for a trio) and they do a 'city' range, above, and a 'village' set, below. 

If you are in the market for a bespoke corporate invitation, or are lining up any kind of event where you can splash cash on the invites (500-1000 minimum), their made-to-order options are also rather striking.


  1. They are lovely, little cress trays - so cute. There are some great paper construction kits out there at the moment. I think I am addicted to them.