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Scottish tenement block architectural models

Architecture geeks, or just fans of fine looking buildings in miniature, may already know about the popular MONUmini series by the Glasgow-based Finch & Fouracre, in collaboration with Another Studio. If not, these were the beautifully executed stainless steel make-it-yourself models of London monuments including the Barbican, Tower Bridge and Battersea Power station.

But if you were thinking how irritating it is that London gets so much press (it does, it is, and I live here!) you might like the company's gorgeous miniature Scottish tenement blocks.
The Scottish tenement model kit is available in red or blonde sandstone. It comes with pre-cut card pieces and windows, timber chimneys, instructions, and glue. When finished, the model stands at about 17cm high and costs £19.50. You can buy it from Bouf.

Or you might prefer the Edinburgh old town model kit, £24.50, which is their newest Scottish building addition and is modelled on the 16th and 17th century buildings found around the High Street and Grassmarket in Edinburgh. When built, it stands at 20cm high.

They also sell really little versions, called Tinyment, which measure just 6cm high when constructed, and cost £22 a-piece.

But my favourite model is the teeny tiny ice-cream van, £9.50. Isn't it cute?

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