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Wooden technology

You may already know of Jonas Damon's lovely wooden iPhone alarm clock radios, made to look like 1970s wood veneer beauties.

I was nosing around the designer's blog yesterday, and found that he has been busy making more iLovelies of a similar ilk. And how fantastic are his new iPad and iPhone holders; one is designed to replicate an analogue radio, the other an old-school TV. They are prototypes at the moment, but watch out for them in production soon.

And there's more wood about in unlikely, but lovely places. Isn't this maple wireless keyboard, by OrĂ©e Design, gorgeous? It comes in walnut, too, and with Mac or Windows keyboard layouts and – rather beautifully – you can even choose from a range of different fonts for the keys (or personalise it with your own ideas). It costs £125 and was recommended to me yesterday by Tent London as one of their favourite tech-y designs of late.

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  1. You manage to find such beautiful stuff.